MEIJSWONEN: ‘FERROLIGHT Design distinguishes itself through it’s unique collection of LED Lighting’ 

Thanks to their attention to detail, technical superiority and the high quality of their products, all of which are produced in their very own studio, FERROLIGHT Design is most definitely a hallmark of Dutch Design. Due to the minimalist design, the light objects can be placed in any interior, both classical and modern. FERROLIGHT Design are constantly searching for the latest LED techniques and developments and consider this very important to share with their dealers. We are therefore welcomed several times per year in their studio whereby they share with us the latest developments. Marike and Ferdinand are full of enthusiasm and passion and are committed to achieving a magnificent final result. Service and communicating their ideas is standard proceedure for them which makes our working relationship with FERROLIGHT Design very pleasant and reliable.

Lydia Verhoeven of MEIJSWONEN

Van Oort: ‘FERROLIGHT Design is the epitome of Dutch Design’ 

Van Oort Interieurs has been selling the special light objects of FERROLIGHT Design for several years now. For us, FERROLIGHT Design is the hallmark of Dutch Design. Ferdinand and Marike Verbeek really make sparks with their passion for creating beautiful lighting, which in turn has delivered growth in their business over the years. Their enthusiasm for their light objects is most noticeable through their original name inventions such as S.O.L. (Sea of Light) or B.E.S. (Beautiful Energy Saver). The minimalistic timeless designs, love for simplicity, refined detailing and the warm light colour meet all of our light object customer demands. Their vision “Less is more” is clearly recognisable in all of their products as well as their passion for the craft. They introduce, share ideas and work together with us as well as delivering tailor made lighting. Their newest “introduction” is the IYO Yin Yang. The IYO was already there, but this latest design of the IYO emits light upwards as well as downwards, hence the well-chosen name IYO Yin Yang.

‘The collaboration between Plaisier Interieur and FERROLIGHT Design is first class’

‘They always contribute and develop ideas with us and the possibilities for customisation are endless. What makes the FERROLIGHT Design lamps so special is the minimalist, perfectly finished aluminium profiles which are combined with the most advanced LED technology. As a result, FERROLIGHT Design’s lamps are widely used in the most varied living spaces to create beautiful natural light. Top design from the Netherlands!’

Robert Plaisier

‘We have been working with FERROLIGHT Design since 1996 with great pleasure and satisfaction’.

‘The simplistic design of the luminaries is what integrates a FERROLIGHT Design lamp effortlessly in any interior. The greatest strength of the lighting is that in addition to its simplicity, it also boasts the most advanced technology in LED, which outputs a particularly pleasant, warm and dimmable light.

We have been working with FERROLIGHT Design since 1996 with great pleasure and satisfaction. We were overwhelmed by their enormous passion and enthusiasm for their designs. It costs us, therefore, little effort to convey their message to our customers.

The luminaries are designed and created with love and attention, delivering a sublime finish. Few manufacturers are involved as closely with their customers as FERROLIGHT Design are. Their level of service is of a very high standard.

Marike and Ferdinand are continuously in development with their company and we hope to continue working with this special company and these lovely people in the coming future.’


Mayke Uitman, Interi0r designer