FERROLIGHT Design shines at Noordeinde

Alderman, Floor van de Velde performed the official opening for the new showroom and studio of FERROLIGHT Design. Ferdinand and Marike Verbeek are paving the road to international presence with their sustainable designs.

Until now, the designers worked in a large annex located at their home on the Dorpsstraat, but since the end of November FERROLIGHT Design is fully in the spotlight at Noordeinde in Hendrik Ido Ambacht. From their brand new, ultramodern accommodation with a studio, office and showroom, Ferdinand and Marike Verbeek continue their sustainable mission to provide the world with the most beautiful light that can shine on our earth.

And rightly so! Because in recent years, FERROLIGHT Design has become an important player in the world of beautiful and sustainable lighting. The designers work for large clients and projects in all four corners of the globe. Even international collectors walk regularly on the sidewalk in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.

What makes FERROLIGHT Design special? “We are not only constantly looking for the light source that produces the most beautiful and warm light, but we also design the most minimalist luminaries,” says designer Ferdinand Verbeek. With partner and co-founder Marike Verbeek, they are working hard to conquer the world of lighting. As the creative brain behind the company, which already has six people on the payroll, Marike maintains all (inter) national contacts to promote the Dutch Design collection worldwide.

The move to a larger work environment would reward their hard work and this, they found at Noordeinde, Hendrik Ido Ambacht. All luminaries are assembled manually in the studio and as part of their sustainable vision; each and every component is produced in The Netherlands. All light objects from the FERROLIGHT Design collection can be admired on the top floor showroom. “We are pleased that we have found a building in Hendrik Ido Ambacht that fits the look and vision of FERROLIGHT Design,” says Marike Verbeek.