Lighting by FERROLIGHT Design

After all, light is much more than a lamp over a table or sofa, it gives another dimension to an interior or workplace. Our light objects captivate by minimalism, timeless design, craftsmanship, love for simplicity and warm light.

Our vision is to realize design lighting for private and business clients by way of the ‘less is more’ principle combined with passion.

95+ color accuracy

All Lighting objects are created with the highest quality LEDs to mimic the feeling of the sun.

Dutch Craftsmanship

FERROLIGHT Design Lighting is hand-made within the Netherlands by individual order, we hold no stock. Every lighting object is built with the highest precision.

Fully customizable

As we build all our lighting objects ourselves, we can adjust most of the lengths, intensities and (smart)steering. Just the way you like it.

5 Year warranty

High quality means good warranty. We trust our craftsmanship and rewards this with a 5 year warranty.

Store locator

FERROLIGHT can be experienced within selected stores based all around the world, but most of the stores can be found in the Netherlands. Find your nearest store with the store locator down below.

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