All LED and halogen light objects from FERROLIGHT Design are dimmable

We offer the option to dim with preferably dimmers selected by us. These are specifically tuned to the electronics of the transformers and LED drivers used for light objects by FERROLIGHT Design. The dimmers have been thoroughly tested and operate stably and without interference. We use Eaton-Moeller’ (X comfort) dimmers with a choice of either a wall dimmer or a remote dimmer with remote control. Both will be implemented by FERROLIGHT Design and are suitable for LED and halogen light objects.

Advantages of dimming with a remote control dimmer

  1. The color of the light is consistent when dimming (maintains color warmth).
  2. You can dim up to 90% allowing you to create atmospheric lighting. With a wall dimmer, this range is considerably less, up to 40%.
  3. The remote control dimmer works on a higher frequency and prevents flickering.
  4. The advantage of a secondary dimming system (0-10 Volt such as the remote control dimmer) is that it is wireless and eliminates the need to connect wires.

All electronics are incorporated into the supplied ceiling tray.

Note: There should not be a wall dimmer present in the electrical circuit to the light object.

  • What dimmer can i use?
    • Dimming with a remote control, wherein the dimmer (actor) is integrated into the ceiling fixture of the armature offering a much higher standard of dimming and comfort. The armature operates with 600 Hertz and delivers a greater dimming range (up to 20% further dimming). We use the respected brand Eaton-Moeller’ (X comfort). Available to order at FERROLIGHT Design.

    • The wall dimmer is of the push-turn type and is compatible with many systems of popular/recognised brands. Available to order at FERROLIGHT Design.

    • An attached switch is basically a remote control in the form of a switch which can be mounted/fixed where desired. Available to order at FERROLIGHT Design.

    • 1-10 Volt Dali. If you would like a Domotica system please indicate this with your order, this way we can assure the armature is equipped with the correct driver (no extra cost).

    • Should you prefer to choose a different type of wall dimmer, you will first need to verify that It’s suitable for dimming LED drivers. The dimmer must operate on the trailing edge (phase-cut) principle.

Important: If a light object from FERROLIGHT Design is equipped with a remote controlled dimmer (with remote switch or attached switch) there should be no wall dimmer or switch present in the electric circuit to the armature. So, no switch or wall dimmer in between! The armature must be connected to a light fixture that is permanently powered. Should you have any questions, please contact us to receive the correct advice.

USA: FERROLIGHT Design light objects are dimmable with a wall dimmer or a 1-10Volt dimming system. Remote controls for the USA are not available in Europe; therefore take care before purchasing the remote control in order to assure the correct device is chosen.

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