All light objects by FERROLIGHT Design represent CRAFTSMANSHIP. High-quality design and lighting created with an immense passion for detail, simplicity and handicraft.

Each lamp by FERROLIGHT Design is a piece of craftsmanship created by the unconditional love designer Ferdinand Verbeek has for technology. Every fitting is made from genuine materials such as anodized aluminium, stainless steel and wood. Assembled, checked and packed in our very own studio in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, we can ensure complete control from A to Z, equalling perfection from start to finish! Thanks to pure craftsmanship, local ingredients and full control in each step of the process, FERROLIGHT Design delivers with a 5-year warranty!

Behind every hi-tech luminary created by Ferrolight Design lies a thorough research on what light does and can do.

Is Ferdinand a geek? He prefers to keep it to structured professional madness, driven by his eternal quest for perfection and knowledge of the materials with which he works. Perfection to the exact millimetre. He is a light designer who places great value on the core excellence of his product’s, maybe even more so than their final shape…

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95+ color accuracy

All Lighting objects are created with the highest quality LEDs to mimic the feeling of the sun.

Dutch Craftsmanship

FERROLIGHT Design Lighting is hand-made within the Netherlands by individual order, we hold no stock. Every lighting object is built with the highest precision.

Fully customizable

As we build all our lighting objects ourselves, we can adjust most of the lengths, intensities and (smart)steering. Just the way you like it.

5 Year warranty

High quality means good warranty. We trust our craftsmanship and rewards this with a 5 year warranty.

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FERROLIGHT can be experienced within selected stores based all around the world, but most of the stores can be found in the Netherlands. Find your nearest store with the store locator down below.

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